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Menopause/Migraine! Anyone now any Specialists?

Hello all-

I am one of the 9% or so for whom migraines seem to have gotten much worse in menopause. Does anyone know any people who specialize in menopause and migraines? I've been told I cannot take HRT because of a risk of strokes. Does anyone know of any other alternatives?

Also I live in NM and my choices here are very limited. Anyone had any experiences with UCLA or with Dr. Susan Hutchinson in Irvine?


  1. Mine migraines have gotten much worse since menopause, and I also need to stay away from Hormone Replacement as cancer runs in my family.

    Unfortunately, I live with those on a regular basis. I try to get to them as soon as I feel the first symptoms coming on. I stay away from all soy products. One thing that I have recently learned is that Midol also helps for menopausal symptoms. These symptoms can bring on migraines so this info helped me.

    I will follow this thread because I'm looking for answers too.

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