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Migraines with menstruation

I've been expecting migraines for the last 10 years at least (I'm in my mid 20s) and have been to many specialists and doctors trying to find something to help and I've never felt listened to so I'm turning here for some help. I want to know what has worked for anyone with menstrual migraines. I can't be on the pill because it makes my migraines worse and I've tried different triptans with limited luck. My periods aren't predictable, but I can tell when I'm going to start because I get the worst migraines about 2 days before it starts. This month my migraine was so bad that I had to call out of work two days in a row. I took my rizotriptan as much as I could and it was not even touching the problem.

I'm getting desperate and depressed because I feel so helpless. My migraine was so bad that I couldn't stand up long enough to shower or even let my dog out without feeling like throwing up or passing out.

  1. Hi there , I am so sorry that you have been unable to find relief. We absolutely understand how difficult this is. As others may be along to share what has worked for them, it is of course important to remember what works well may not for another and it is not a one size fits all approach even for specific hormonal triggered attacks. That being said, I wanted to share a few resources with you that may help.

    Thanks for reaching out & always feel free to do so!

    1. I have the same problem of menstrual migraines..this month I was prescribed evening primerose oil supplement..
      It helped for the whole month ...but the day before periods start I had a migraine.. but it wasn't tgat bad like it used to b the duration was also used t b 3 to 5 consecutive days but this time it was a little more than a day..
      I have also been prescribed vitamin b 12 supplement..
      May b both of these helped..
      Hope you find relief too....

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