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Mexilitene as a preventive

Has anyone been on mexilitene as a preventive? Have you experienced side effects with it? I’ve been on it about 6-7 days. I started with one capsule a day then increased to two capsules about 2 days ago and today woke with fatigue and muscle weka was in my thighs along with some tingling in the thighs. I experienced this inpatient last month while on IV lidocaine. By the second day I had thigh weakness and fatigue and by the bird day could not walk. My legs would not supper me. I am Afraid the same thing is happening with mexilitene. My understanding is that it is a pill for of lidocaine. I am curious to know if others experience these symtpoms with mexilitene. I put a call into the headache center to discuss with them. I was rally hoping it would help as a preventive. Mel

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out! Have you been able to speak to someone yet at the headache center to discuss what you are experiencing? As you wait for others to hopefully chime in to share their experiences, I wanted to pass along an article by one of our contributor's that discusses have some adverse side effects due to mexilitene. You can read the complete are here, but she shares, "I felt jittery, like my skin was crawling and I stayed awake for days on end.." Will you let us know how the chat with your doctor goes? Keep us posted!

    1. the headache center said to stop te mexilitene and reintroduce when I felt better at one capsule a day. I have done that yet because the headaches triggered trigeminal neuralgia pretty bad and my local neurologist put me on Tegretol for that. I think 2 daysnif it and it seems to be a bit calmer but it has destroyed my gut! Don’t think I can continue on this either.....nausea,cramping and D!

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