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migraine after effects

hi there,
i was diagnosed with my first migraine on sunday - since then ive had a ringing in my ears, feeling very tired, dizzy with a slight headache and just out of sorts.
is this a normal after effect?
ive booked in to see my doctor just in case but i cannot get in for a couple of weeks

  1. Spud105,
    The symptoms you are experiencing are normal. I'm hoping they have subsided now for you. There are 4 distinct phases of a Migraine:

    Even after the piercing pain of a Migraine is gone, the next day or longer, your body can feel exhausted. A lot of people describe this as a Migraine Hangover. I say it's like being hit by a Mack Truck.

    You should definitely see your doctor as soon as you can, even if your symptoms have disappeared. You might be placed on a preventative medication or an abortive medication to take if you have another Migraine attack. I highly encourage you to see a neurologist and not just a general practioner. If the headaches persist, it would make sense to look into a Headache Specialist, which is a neuro with specific training in Migraines. You can find one here:

    I wish you luck and please feel free to ask more questions!

    1. Thanks katie. Im booked in for monday.
      Still very tired with the ringing in my ears-Should I see a neurologist even if ive only had one migraine? What would they look or test for?
      im terrified of getting another migraine. Even the pain of my csections didn't compare to this!

      1. Spud,
        Did you have your appointment with the neurologist today? What did he/she say?
        It's definitely common for you to stress over getting another Migraine. It's easier said than done to try not to focus on it. The fact that you're being proactive about the issue is a great first step in taking control. Maybe you'll be lucky and never have another one again!

        I want to tell you not to be discouraged if you go through a bunch of tests that all come back negative. Blood tests, MRIs, CAT Scans and EKGs are used to rule out other possible causes. There is no one test that will tell you if you have Migraines or if you'll ever have another one again. But it's very important to go through all the testing to make sure there isn't something else going on that is giving you similar symptoms.

        I would imagine your doc would prescribe an abortive medication like Imitrex, Frova or Maxalt for you to take if you have another Migraine. For so many people, these medications (a class of meds called triptans) are very effective in helping people to lessen the pain or even stop the Migraine. If this doesn't work, there are medications that you can take on a daily basis to prevent an attack, but those are usually not prescribed unless you are getting Migraines on a more consistent basis. Of course, your doctor will guide you through this process.

        I'm proud of you for being so proactive. Just know that this process may take some trial and error, so patience is key.

        Again, feel free to ask more questions and I hope your appointment went well!

    2. Hi spud i had a migraine last night for the first time in 5 months im left feeling weak and my left hand and arm feels dead.i get aira before and numbness after aura it numbs on my hand tben arm then nose,lips left side of face then tongue and throat scares the life out of me it gves my shakes and panic then im weak

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