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Migraine, alcohol and water

I’m currently a 21 student my migraines have decreased rapidly over the last few years (used to have 3 a week now have 1 every months or so) but I have this very weird thing that if I drink alcohol then drink water I will get a massive headache approaching on migraine That be if I drink the water when I’m still drinking or if I drink it the next day while recovering. Just the act of drinking water will trigger a migraine it’s odd and doesn’t seem to fit any standard explanation. I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this? Or if anybody had a reason why?

  1. Hi @tbmbills,

    Believe it or not, you're not alone! I did a little research and it seems that fluoride in water, if over a certain level can cause fluoride toxicity with possible side effects including headache!

    If you have made this correlation to onset of migraine, it would certainly be worth talking with your doctor about. I hope that helps! -Warmly, Donna (Migraine. com team)

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