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Migraine and dieting/cutting calories

Been suffering from migraines since age 7 (now 22), but they are normally decently controlled (around 1 attack every month).

I started dieting at the end of August, and since I have had 5 migraines in 5 weeks. I manage them well acutely, but they just keep coming.

Does anyone have any experience of dieting/calorie restricting and it causing migraine attacks? I am booked in to see my neurologist in a month's time and have been using migraine buddy to track triggers/attacks, but wanted to know if anyone else noticed a link between dieting and migraines before I see him.

For insight I eat between 1200 and 1300 calories daily currently as part of my diet (all whole foods). I have lost 1 stone over 6 weeks. I am not taking any preventives currently as I am waiting to see the neurologist.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

  1. Hi Natrm2812,

    Thank you for your question. I can tell you skipping meals can trigger a migraine attack, as can dehydration and certain foods.

    If I get too hungry that too can trigger a migraine attack. Have you been able to determine anything interesting from Migraine Buddy?

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. Thanks for the reply. It's just odd because I have ever eaten breakfast, so can't see why skipping this now would cause an attack. My calories are low for the weight loss, but still within safe ranges.

      Nothing miraculous trigger wise from migraine buddy as of yet, just a Mish mash of lots of odd triggers with no correlation. I'm finding it helpful for tracking symptoms though ahead of my upcoming neurology appointment.

      This new prolonged flare up came so out of the blue, I had no attacks during July or August and now I have had 5 in 5 weeks. It's just mad.

      Hopefully my neurologist and some other lovely members can shed some light on things for me.

    2. Hi Natrm2812,

      One of the things about having migraine disease is that our patterns and triggers can change over. It may be that you could get away without eating breakfast before, but not anymore. For example, I never had an issue with raw onions triggering a migraine attack in that past, but that all changed one day. I'm not longer able to chop them.

      Keep us posted on how you make out at the doctor!

  2. Fasting, skipping a meal, or even being a couple hours late for a meal is a migraine trigger for me.

    Also, having low-nutrient foods.

    I have to get plenty of greens and vegetables, also enough salt , magnesium and potassium. I will get a migraine if I lack these.

    I encourage you to consult with a nutritionist to be sure you ate getting all the nutrients, minerals, etc. And you may need more frequent yet smaller meals.

    Also, if you typically only drink water with food, perhaps you ate dehydrated now that you ate dieting. If you are still getting plenty of water, it is possible to disrupt salt/mineral balances which can lead to migraines. (Google "water intoxication)

    One last note, if you have switched to artificial sweetners, creamers, etc they maybe a culprit. Artifical food additives can trigger migraines. They do for me.

    Good luck!

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