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Migraine and Feelings of Despair.

Hi all, I have suffered migraines since my teens, which got worse and chronic around menopause. Recently when I have an attack, I get an overwhelming feeling of despair, it's so bad I can barely move at times. Does anyone else experience this and how to they manage it? It usually lasts the length of the attack give or take a day or two, but as these are weekly, it feels worse than the pain.

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  1. Mine started at 15 with a horrible migraine an aura and garbled speech. My parents were terrified and the small town dr diagnosed me as allergic to excederin- which I took on my own for the beginning of the headache. Not migraines.... Mine stopped for years and came back with a vengeance when I started menopause. Now I have them over 18 times a month. I also have some strange scalp pain that hurts so bad. I also have the burning smell sensation. I’ve always thought it was from taking too many sumatriptan. But now I read it’s from the migraine. Several members of my family have had them. It’s a terrible debilitating health concern, I’m scared to plan anything for years because if I do I usually wake up with one. I’m sorry you have migraines.

    1. Hi, Sue. I'm sorry that you're dealing with feelings of despair. It's understandable and totally valid! You're going through a lot, and it's not easy.

      Do you have people in your life you can talk to about how you're feeling? Feeling supported and understood is a great first step. It doesn't have to be a therapist -- though I'm a big fan of therapy. The community here is a great place to connect with people also going through the ups and downs of migraine. You may also want to mention your feelings at your next doctor's appointment, just so they're aware.

      I pulled a couple articles from the archives that I thought you might find helpful.

      We're always here for you whenever you want to vent. Sending hugs your way! -Melissa, team

      1. Someone on this website some time back so aptly stated what I feel at times, "a sense of impending doom". Not so nice a feeling to come with the migraine but part of migraine it is.

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