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Migraine and seizures

I have had chronic migraines since I was 11. About 15 years ago I had a grand mal seizure caused by a medication I was taking at the time. Several weeks after I realized that I had not had a migraine. It seems that the seizure had "cured" me. I was migraine free for about a year before they started up again worse than ever. At one point I discussed electric shock therapy with my PCP but fortunately I was able to minimize them with diet. I am very curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  1. Hi Carolelaine,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. We're glad you're here and part of our community - welcome!

    I've not heard this before and don't have any personal experience with seizures. I hope others will be along soon to share thier experience with you.


    1. Hi Carolelaine -

      Wow - I'm so glad that you got some relief -- even if it was for one year. Question -- after the seizure were you put on anti-seizure medications?

      I ask because one of my doctors years ago put me on Dilantin (anti-seizure med) because there was some research suggesting that it could be seizure related (I didn't read the study). I have to say, when I was on Dilantin it was the only time I stayed completely migraine free. I ended up going off of the Dilantin simply because I couldn't tolerate the side effects 🙁

      I'm really happy to hear you've gotten relief with dietary changes! May I ask what type of changes helped?

      1. HI Rebecca,

        I was not put on an anti-seizure medication because it was a side effect of an antidepressant I was taking at the time. I think I may have been on Dilantin at one time ( there have been so many I can't keep track). Medications had either no effect or lost their effectiveness very quickly.

        My doctor and I were considering electric shock therapy when she asked me to try totally changing my diet. I stopped eating and drinking anything processed, or containing artificial ingredients. Nothing from a box or can, no fast food, no juices or soda. The results were fast, within 2 weeks I was almost completely migraine free and stayed that way for over 3 years. The past year has been difficult and I believe that stress has caused them to come back, but they are not nearly as bad as before and I am mostly able to function (if I have to) when I get one.

        I do not have many of the triggers that a lot of migraine suffers do, I am able to eat cheeses and drink wine which will sometimes break the migraine, my doctor said that it could be because the wine somehow effects blood flow. I'm not sure how but if I can get some relief I'll take it.

        I do a lot of cooking and only eat in restaurants where I'm sure I can get something scratch made. It's a lot of work but well worth it.

        1. That's very interesting! I also changed my diet and have been amazed at how much better I feel. Likewise - nothing processed, no dairy, no meat. I also can eat cheese and drink wine (a little).

          I find I have a really hard time with the restaurants and not giving into temptations as they pop up. I'm a total sugar addict - sweets are my downfall!

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