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Migraine Day Rant

I knew today I'd have a migraine. Long story short, I've gotten really good and figuring them out based on my pre-migraine symptoms. I've been having them the past few days, and I woke up with a headache that's unmistakable. Not quite a migraine, but a clear sign of one to come. I have my abortive medication, it's been a bit over a week since I've taken it, I only had one class, and I have an appointment for a meeting anyways. So I go. Stock up for necessary precautions, extra water, bring snacks so I won't get a hunger headache to trigger the migraine, etc. Chronic sufferers all know that drill.

So I do the things with relative ease. I'm not sure how this is for you guys, but for me I can manage fairly well on these days for the most part. I can postpone it as long as possible by avoiding my known triggers. If I do well enough, I can make it through my day if I don't have a particularly long day without it kicking in or needing medicine. Like the perfect balance between migraine and no migraine where I can hold it off as long as possible.

Well, it was going fairly well, but here's where the rant starts. I know people don't know better, but it PISSES ME OFF when people just wear strong perfumes or scents. I don't care if it's for religious reasons. I don't care if you just like it. I don't care if I'm the only other person in the damn world that gives a ***. I think it's rude.

And I understand. 1% of people have migraines. Even less have chronic ones or triggers. This innocent person obviously doesn't know better. I get it, you have your reasons for wearing that. How are you supposed to know I'll walk into that room on that day and enter the scent cloud? I logically understand it all, but when I'm in pain and you cased it, in my heart if feel no different that if you had stabbed me. Because, logically, that's about how much pain your blissful ignorance has caused.

So, I walk into a computer room. My meeting ended early, I have time to kill before class. I move to sit down. The smell hits. My migraines thankfully have been fading, so it's not an immediate trigger, and I move to sit elsewhere. Well, it's strong there too. I end up having to walk around the lab SNIFFING to find a place without some kind of strong perfume. and it's TWO rooms. I find a place where it's not too bad, but no place is safe and I'm kinda trying to use these computers to be productive and do my project.

And, I get it. It's not the fault of anyone who is ignorant, but it still pisses me off. What if it wasn't a migraine trigger? At least those won't kill me. What if it's an allergy? What if I just hated the smell? What if the smell made me vomit? There is so much *** that can go wrong here when you were a scent so strong that I literally cannot be on the same side of the room as you.

AND THIS HAPPENS EVERY DAMN TIME! The other day I was walking to my apartment nad I had to walk through a scent cloud which was partially the trigger. Another day I had to walk through a scent cloud to take my trash out. And these are unavoidable. Even if you leave, the scent is still there. I can't avoid it. Sometimes I wonder if the smell itself is the trigger or the chemicals involved. Really, it just pisses me off.

On a lighter note, exercising isn't a trigger, so I use that to vent my frustrations when I'm not fatigued from my migraines.

Edited for profanity

  1. Hi faeriefate,

    I hear you. I am becoming more sensitive to odors the older I get. You may want to investigate a handheld or portable diffuser to help clear your nose of the offending odor. I have a small handheld one I carry with me that has a cotton ball with drops of essential oil that helps tremendously.

    Something to think about!

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      1. Hi teamouting,

        Thank you for your kind words. We're thrilled you find our information helpful.


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