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How Has a Migraine Diagnosis Impacted Your Life?

We understand how frustrating migraine or cluster headache can be in your daily life. Have you ever wondered how best to share more about the challenges of living with migraine, chronic pain, or a headache disorder? What do you wish others knew about your challenges living with migraine and headache disorders?

  1. The reason I voted no is that I have been a migraine patient for over 40 years now. I have been seeking treatments that worked for me nearly all of that time. I have gone to University hospitals, headache clinics, uncountable neurologists, to the point that none in my area would see me, until a new one came here just out of medical training.
    I have tried nearly all medications used for both treatment and prevention of migraines, in many different combinations, some at different times,by different doctors, who wanted to try their own hand at what normally works for their patients, always to no effect, until they have become frustrated, and given up on me.
    I have been in a couple of drug trials, and have taken some meds that are now off the market, as they have been determined to be dangerous. Vioxx is one that I was both taking and also was in a drug trial, and ended up being in the placebo group.
    My current neurologist that came to our city, is trying the second of the anti CGRP drugs, AJOVY, after no luck with AIMOVIG. It had a small effect in the early stages, but only on days when I didn't have an actual migraine, but just a 2-3 level pain headache. And for a few months those were gone, but they came back until now, there is no real change.
    So I rely only on my own experiences and my doctor's recommendations, since he has told me that he is not giving up, but will continue on until we find a treatment plan.

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      Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have had similar problems with doctors too. Some will not take me as a patient once they see my medical records. I'm so glad you now have a doctor that won't give up on you!! That is huge. I know how frustrating this situation must be for you. It sounds like you and your doctor will continue working together to find a good plan.
      ~ Peggy ( team)

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