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Migraine Sufferer with lasting pain in eye?


I have had migraine sincethe onset of puberty. Both my mother and maternal grandmother suffered. I tend to have the classic migraine, no aura just a muzzy feeling that I don't always spot followed by 6-9 hours of terrible right sided pain nausea etc etc. I only get these migraines infrequently. However, my mother was a chronic sufferer and hers got more frequent after menopause. She usually had morning migraine. In old age her migraines did drop in frequency to just once a week. However I am now at the same age (45) as she was when she noticed a new type of headache and you guessed it I have it too. Mum is no longer around to ask so I wondered if you guys might be able to identify this little pain nugget!

It's a morning/waking headache. It's right sided mainly concentrated behind the eye but also giving out spiky little throbs of pain to the top of the right side of the head. It responds to sumatriptan but not to painkillers. The pain is not debilitating, OK I don't want to bend down much and don't enjoy the day's tasks but I can function. The most annoying thing is that the damned thing lasts three days. Sometimes a single dose of a triptan knocks it out but sometimes it doesn't and the pain returns the following day.

So far I have -

1. Had my eyes tested (now wear varifocals and it did help to start with but not now)
2. Been to an osteopath to make sure my neck is OK (it wasn't but it hasn't helped the headaches)
3. Changed my pillows
4. Cut right back on my caffeine intake
5. Drunk more fluid
6.Quit drinking anything fun or interesting.

Does anyone else suffer with these? Mum always maintained that if it responded to triptans it was a migraine. She was a severe enough sufferer that they prescribed them for her when it was still an injection.

Thanks Guys

  1. Hi Sulla88bc,

    Thanks for your post. Apologies for the delay in response. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing, what sounds like, such irritating (potential) migraine attacks. It is great to hear that they don't completely debilitate you and that you have started seeing various doctors to diagnose and treat them. Have you been to a migraine specialist? They specialize in neurological disorders and could potentially provide a more complete answer along with treatment options. The following are two links which discuss migraine specialists and provide information on how to find one near you -, I do hope you find this helpful. Please continue to reach out when needed. We love hearing from you. Wishing you a lovely day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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