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Migraine triggers RLS

Just got home from ER to get migraine relief. The cocktail they gave me seemed to have triggered the worst RLS. I cannot sit down yet I’m exhausted. Does anyone else have RLS? Is it related?

  1. I have RLS intermittently (probably once or twice a week when it's bad, but it'll keep me up half the night.) Other times, I can go weeks and not have it.

    The tell me in the infusion center that one of the drugs will cause it. I can't remember if it's the Depakon or the DHE, but it's one of the ones I usually get and it definitely makes me crawly and jumpy. Did you get either of those?

    1. Hi rhondajb1,

      Thanks for your question and being here with us! I also have RLS and periodic limb movement and have found staying asleep to be an issue. I do know Benadryl and other medications can make my RLS worse. These include some antihistamines, medications that help with nausea and others. So it's entirely possible the cocktail they gave you in the ER could have triggered RLS.

      I've recently become a certified Cannabis patient in NYS and have found this to be VERY helpful in treating my RLS and periodic limb movement disorder.

      If this continues or becomes more problematic, please contact your doctor and let him know what is going on.

      I hope this helps,

      1. Oh my gosh! thank you Nancy. Benadryl was one of the things they gave me last night. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the night. I literally had to stand and walk for six hours straight with no relief.

        1. I hear you! It's awful. I used to occasionally use Benadryl to help me go to sleep until I put two and two together and realized it made my RLS so much worse!

          When I was with my former doctor who treated my migraine disease I would occasionally need to get an infusion and shot of dilaudid to break a nasty migraine cycle. Again, I wasn't able to put two and two together, but have since realized dilaudid exacerbated my RLS as well.

          Always good to know we're not alone!


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