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Migraine with aura/numbness

Hey everyone, ive been suffering from migraines ever since the age of about 12, i’m now 30 and ive gone from having one atleast once a month (back in school) to luckely having one once a year. I’m still yet to figure out what my triggers are as it seems to be totally random. I remember as a kid it was a hot summer day, i just got out of the pool and all of a sudden i got the aura, this followed by the worst headache behind my eye i had ever experienced it literally felt like someone had a knife to the back of my eye socket. And then follow by the usual few hours of vomiting. Other memories of earlier migraines i once bumped my hand on the tv cabinet, this seemed to trigger another, this time along with aura i got numbness in my left arm (which was common for my migraines) all the way upto the left side of my face to which i remember feeling confused and couldnt string my sentences together when mum would try and talk to me. Was very scary at the time. Ive never been to the doctors for advice on my migraines, but thinking as im laying here in bed after out of the blue experiencing another migraine, the first i have had in maybe 2 years after catching a glimpse of a really bright light, i may actually need to go get checked out. My current migraine also started with the aura my heart then started racing, i guess because i knew what i was in for, i made my way into the house to find some painkillers and went straight to a dark room, i then got the usual numbness/tingling in my left hand, i slept off the worst of it over about 6 hours but the last couple days i feel as tho my senses Still arnt back to 100% moreso my strength in my left hand. Everytime i sneeze or cough i can still feel the pain of my headache deep in my right temple area and down towards The back of my neck. Anyway this is my story, keen to hear of anyone else suffers a similar combination of symptoms as what i do?? Would love to hear peoples thoughts.

  1. Hi viper121,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, we're glad you're part of our community.

    It's not uncommon for our migraine patterns and symptoms to change over time, however, when this happens it's always a good idea to let the doctor know so he can make sure everything checks out OK.

    You mentioned you've not seen a doctor for this issue, so I would encourage you to do so asap. Better to be safe!

    Please keep me posted on how you are feeling,

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