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I was diagnosed with chronic migraines a couple years ago. I'm going thru menopause and sometimes my migraines are super bad vomiting and in bed all day and they have lasted for weeks. I have tried every pill out there I take 400mg of magnesium everyday I'm so stuck doctors don't help

  1. - Thank you so much for sharing some of your journey with us. Chronic migraine is an exhausting, depleting, and demanding condition to navigate. I've had chronic migraine for 21 years now and it's super tough. Add to that dealing with menopause and the scales get tipped over. You are not alone in this. And remember, that for many people, menopause alone sidelines people from their lives. You are dealing with both conditions at once and that's a lot to ask.
    Have you worked with a migraine specialist? I ask because these doctors receive more specialized training in the complex neurological condition that is migraine. I hear you that nothing has helped. My experience with chronic migraine, since there's no cure for it - is to shift my gaze upward a little to look for treatments that help me manage the condition and raise my quality of life within the condition itself. For me, that has meant multiple treatments coupled together which address the varying demands of the condition. I currently take monthly injections of the CGRP called Emgality. I also take Botox injections every 11 weeks. In addition, I take something that helps me sleep as my pain wakes me often and then I have an arsenal of rescue medications including a triptan (relpax) and phenergan for nausea and vomiting.
    All of these things coupled together do not stop me from having chronic daily migraines but it has decreased the severity of my pain so that I am no longer bed-ridden around the clock. Perhaps you've already tried all of these therapies to no avail- but if you'd like to learn more about any of them or have information on how to find a migraine specialist in your area- please let us know as we can send you links with that information. We are here for you and in this with you. Thinking of you- Holly team

    1. Hi there- happy to help. Migraine specialists can be really wonderful and are aware of the comorbid conditions that often present with migraine (like fibromyalgia and depression). It's so normal to feel upset due to the challenges migraine presents. There is an unfortunate shortage of these types of doctors so some of us travel far distances to see them. Here are a couple of resources that will give you an idea of whether or not there is one in your area: And: These lists are not comprehensive, however, so please do your own research by looking up "migraine specialists near me" in the search engine you use. Let us know how else we can best support you. We are here for you. Warmly- Holly team

    2. We have had a lot of people of the site share that they also have fibro or various other inflammatory conditions. Are you still trying to get a diagnosis for your inflammatory symptoms? I wonder if working to treat that will affect your migraines as well.

      There is a great list of foods that are potential migraine triggers here on the site if you want to explore diet as a possibility:

      Since you have never seen a migraine doctor, I would echo Holly's recommendation to go beyond your GP. You deserve an expert, and migraine can be tricky, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need.

      We are here for you! Sending hugs. -Melissa, team

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