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Migraines after Thyroidectomy

Hi my husband has had debilitating migraines for the last several years. They started after he had part of his thyroid removed because of a growth but we are not sure that has to do with it. He is on synthyroid medication and his blood work has been normal. I am just wondering if anyone out here has experienced migraines after this type of surgery or while taking Synthyroid? And if so what did you do to treat it? He has tried medicine for acute and preventative migraines and nothing has worked (pills, shots, etc). We live in the Midwest so there are weather triggers here as well. Also, last year he had a cervical fusion done. His doctor is wanting to maybe try infusions next. Just desperately want him to feel better so reaching out for anything that could help we haven’t tried for him. Also, has anyone found out that relocating out of the Midwest to a more stable climate has helped? Thanks

  1. that's so thoughtful of you to join this community and conversation to help find some answers, and relief for your husband. It sounds like he's had a rough road between surgery and the migraine attacks that followed.

    I don't have personal experience with synthyroid, but I did find this post from a fellow member who shares their experience. As always, take was resonates and is helpful and leave what isn't. Be sure to check the comment at the bottom of the post too.
    We're thinking of you and your husband and hoping that it gets some relief soon.
    Alene, Team Member

    1. Thanks so much!!

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