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Migraines and ASL?

So I went to my headache specialist for my migraines, and I noticed something. Picture an ideal room for a migraine sufferer. Few to no people. Minimal light. Little to no noise. That's the waiting room of this office. They only had the bare minimum of triggers, only enough to function. When I went back, the doctor's office itself was only run on sunlight. Which explained why they closed so early, they close when the sun starts to go down. When talking about how cool it was with my mother, I noted something. You can wear sunglasses in there if you're having a migraine, but nothing really protects you from the noises that accidentally may occur.

Which brought me to an idea I had. You can wear sunglasses to minimize light sensitivity in the real world (I never leave the house without them). But ear plugs don't really help with noise sensitivity if you need to communicate (like at the doctor's office). And I have an idea. I could learn ASL. If I had a migraine and needed ear plugs, I could communicate via ASL. If I was fine, then I could communicate normally.

Has anyone else had this idea? Places are required to have aids for disabilities like deafness. So they should have a form of communication for ASL.

I was learning ASL anyways, and being forced into the real world when every little noise physically hurts sucks.

  1. Hi faeriefate,

    Thanks for your sharing your thoughts with us. I've not heard of using ASL, but learning a new language is always a good idea!


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