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Migraines and Asthma

Is anyone dealing with both migraines and asthma? I've had chronic migraines for years. I was treated at the Cleveland Clinic IMATCH (Interdisciplinary Method for Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Headache) program in the fall of 2013 and it made a big difference in my migraine situation - the severity and frequency. Now seeing a great neurologist at Montifiore Headache Center in the Bronx, in New York City. He has me on nerve block injections every month, Botox injections every three months, Toprimate daily and sumatripan injections as needed. I was just diagnosed with asthma - unusual for a 54 year old woman with no previous history and I read there can be a connection between migraines and asthma, but more concerning, I read that the beta agonists that I take for the asthma can increase migraines. I just had nerve block injections yesterday and since then I've had two migraines - one this morning and one this evening. I will talk to both the neurologist and the pulmonologist about this, but I was just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this. Thanks.

  1. Hi Andrea1961,

    Good to hear IMATCH make a difference in your life. I'm working with a patient who has just been referred to the program, so I will share that news with her. It sounds like you have a great migraine management plan and are working with excellent doctors too.

    I don't have asthma but can tell you migraine and asthma may be comorbid conditions, meaning they can occur at the same time, but are not caused by one another. We have an article on this topic I can share with you;

    I'm sorry to say one of the potential side effects of beta agonists, like Albuterol, can be headache. If headache become a recurrent issue you may want to speak with your doctors and see if there are any other options for you.

    Keep us posted on how you're feeling,


    1. I'm dealing with the addition of asthma to my migraines the best way I know how - I'm writing about it!

      Check out my blog:

      Thank you.


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