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Migraines and Concussion's

I am in desperate need of help. My wife suffers from both Classic Migraines, Cluster Headaches and Fibromyalgia and has for most of her life. I need any documented research, notes, reports…I’ll even take a doctor’s note that states that receiving a concussion can exacerbate either the frequency or strength of migraines. Last year she received a concussion and now her migraines are out of control. We are currently involved in a lawsuit with the company responsible for the blow to the head which also split the bridge of my wife’s nose open. My wife has a migraine now almost every day, and spends most of her time in bed and now rarely ever leaves the house. I fear given the things that she says and her behavior that she is becoming suicidal, her days have become a never ending cycle of pain, depression, sickness, and isolation. Can you please help me before I lose her.

Our normal family doctor is on long term maternity leave with her sick newborn, so I cannot get the information that I need from her. Is there any resources that you could email to me? Unfortunately Calgary does not have any reputable headache or chronic pain clinics.

  1. Hi dagonvein,

    I'm very sorry to hear your wife is feeling so poorly. Let me see what information I can give you that may be helpful.

    It is true that concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) can increase the severity and frequency of migraine. I would suggest your wife find either a true migraine/headache specialist or concussion expert. Here is information that help you find an expert doctor in headache in Canada; It looks like these links contain information on concussion experts in Calgary; and
    Here is more information that will help; and and has wonderful information on concussion which you can find in this link;

    Chronic, debilitating pain is exhausting and takes its toll on the sufferer and family. Many of us with chronic pain find it helpful to speak with a professional who deals with these issues, especially if your wife seems suicidal. Constant pain is too much to deal with on a daily basis and many of us need guidance to cope with it. We aren't supposed to be in daily pain, and learning how to cope with it does not come naturally.

    Please keep me posted on how your wife is feeling.

    1. Thanks everyone for your kind words, my wife continues to have good and bad days, she spent all day Sunday in bed, unable to get up. Thank god she has her ever present companion Andee a 200 lbs English mastiff to comfort her when she has bad days like that. Wendy Wendy has really bad days she never leave my wife's side. We just found out today the my wife's doctor is closing her practice so she can devote all her time to looking after her new babies one of which is very sick. Wendy was devastated when she heard the news, we new she was going to be a way for a while but not permanently gone. I thought it was going to be the last straw, but the doctor threw her a life line. She phoned Wendy and told her that though she is closing her family practice that she is going to continue to treat Wendy, and is in fact going to come to our house to treat her for the time being until she can get something set up for Wendy on a more permanent basis. She also told Wendy that perhaps in the new year once her daughter is better and out of trouble she will look for a small clinic and set up their part time to see only very select patients including Wendy. This should not be hard for our doctor as she is also the president of the Alberta Medical Association. So I guess that is some good news.

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