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Migraines and Heathens Oops I meant Toddlers

What are ways to deal with small children who don't understand that you are in pain and the chattering and whining are not helping? I feel badly that when this 4 year old gets upset or doesn't want to do what I ask her to do she says she has a headache. How can one address this problem????

  1. Hi carla-fisher,

    Actually, I do have some tips for you. Not only did I manage to raise both my kids as a chronic Migraineur, but I also taught preschool and kindergarten for a while right before I became chronic. Here are a couple links I hope will help you:

    How Can I Talk to My Children About Migraine? Part 1 – My Migraine

    How can I keep parenting during a Migraine?

    How can I be prepared for my next Migraine attack?

    What should I put in my Migraine tool bag?

    What should I put in my kids’ Migraine survival bag?

    Let me know if these are helpful or not. We have many posts about caring for kids while we're Migraining. Look for the search box at the top of the page and you can search for any topic that trips your trigger! If you're still not having any luck, let me know and I'll help you find something. I don't always have all the answers, but I usually am super good at finding someone who does! 😀


    1. Thanks Ellen the articles were good. My husband is conerned about me mentioning my headaches or backache or other pains I have. I didnt have to worry about little ears hearing me. So now she'll saymy back hurts or I have a headache out of the blue or when I ask her to do something. We are raising pur grandaughter she just turned 4.
      Im not sure how to address this. Her dad was injured in Iraq so we are raising her.

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