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Migraines and hiccups

So, I've suffered from bad migraines for a few years on and off now. I've been so focused on the pain, vomiting, and the memory issues that I've never really stopped to focus on the smaller complications of my migraines until recently. Recently because I think I've been the victim of silent migraines.

As you know, silent migraines have all of the symptoms of regular migraines minus the pain (ie the irrefutable proof migraines aren't just a 'headache').

So, I thought I don't get much on the "aura" phase. I get a weird feeling that I can't explain before I get a migraine (as long as there's no triggers that cause me to go right into pain like certain noises). I'm sure I'm not the only one that get's the weird feeling. It's not pain, there's no real words to describe the feeling. It's not like you feel something physically, it's just a sixth-sense type of thing where you're like, "Yup, gonna get a migraine in a few minutes."

But anyways, back on topic. Today I've had that weird feeling. No real migraine pain. But I've noticed I do aura a little. Not as bad as most, it's just annoying enoguh for me to think it's something with my contact and shrug it off. And that "weird feeling" is probably aura too. And I have issues with my speech (usually ranging between a stutter and slurred speech). Plus I get vertigo, dizziness, and lethargy pretty bad.

But then I had the hiccups today (extremely annoying), and when I have the hiccups I get a small headache. Now, it's not a migraine. A headache feels very different from a migraine. It's just a small annoying headache. So I googled, "Hiccups and headaches." And what do you know, that's apparently aura too! Now, I still don't know why I get those small annoying headaches when I get the hiccups, but that obviously explains why I can't get rid of my hiccups when I get them (I usually just wait them out).

I really just wanted to know if anyone else gets them or has noticed a pattern with their hiccups and other migraine symptoms.

  1. Hi faeriefate,

    Thank you for the update! I have heard from other people with migraine disease who have experienced similar symptoms. I'm more prone to excessive yawning and urination before a migraine attack.

    Hopefully others will be along soon to share their experiences with you.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Wow, I'm so glad I found this post! I had hiccups throughout the day 1 day before a migraine. The night before the hiccups were constant & very strong. Unfortunately, my hiccups are always strong, loud & painful generating the odd looks from anyone within earshot. I found that eating peanut butter stopped the hiccups, but did nothing to prevent the migraine that I woke up with.

      1. Hi kspraggins54,

        Thank you so much for sharing that with us! I'm sorry they are so strong, but good to hear peanut butter helps! I'll have to try that the next time I get them.

        Do you wake up often with a migraine attack? I know the feeling. I had a sleep study done to see if I had any sleep issues that may be triggering my morning migraine attacks. Sure enough I have restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and I also use medical cannibis which helps.

        Let me know what you think,

        1. OMGoodness! I am newly diagnosed with chronic migraines, I had no idea hiccups were an aura. I have had hiccups consistently for years along with my "headache" and never realized this. Although I am not happy to have a chronic illness and still have a lot to learn about migraines, I am excited to have a portion of a diagnosis and a community to learn from and lean on.

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