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Migraines and loss of confidence

Hi there, does anyone know of a good article or have any tips to help regain confidence lost after chronic migraine pain? I have felt a change to my personality in some ways after experiencing frequent migraines. I used to fearlessly go after the most difficult challenges because I found them inspiring and motivational, but now I shy away from them because I am afraid of being sick with migraines. I want my old self back!!

  1. MsMillie - You're not alone. I used to be known for being a bit of a crazy person, always game for something fun and exciting and totally impulsive. I miss that part of me. I still have those urges, but it's always tempered by the thought - "I can't do that." "What if a Migraine hits" "That's going to trigger a Migraine, and then where will I be?"

    You might try this post and see if it is at least a little helpful:

    Choosing Forgiveness – the Eighth Emotional Stage

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