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Migraines are confusing

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are feeling moderately well. I feel really migraines are back...aaaaggggaaaiiinnn I thought I was on a break because I thought I now have menstraul migraines, but I have had one since yesterday, and I'm not going to get my period for at least another two weeks. I'm really irregular. (I' sorry, I hope that's not TMI for you). My head hurts so bad right now, but I'm not on my period.


  1. Hi Kstout135,

    Thanks for your post! I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing a migraine attack and that it is occurring unexpectedly. We always here at, visiting your doctor when attacks differ from what you are used to, or when new symptoms crop up. it It may be helpful to check in with them. Also, I thought maybe you would find the following articles helpful -,, They provide coping mechanisms for managing symptoms while in the midst of an attack. Perhaps you will find something helpful! Please continue to reach out when needed. We love hearing from you. Sending loads of good energy your way.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Thanks so much, Meghan!

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