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Migraines during pregnancy

I need some advice although I fear it may be a bit late , I am new here but this has been going on for months now I am 38weeks pregnant today and have been having bad migraines for months , usually before pregnancy I would take propranolol but I am not allowed that now , so I have been using aspirin to keep them at bay and when they do happen I have been prescribed zolmitriptan by the doctors but that is only good for if the migraine is already happening and then I have to sleep it off and the migraines leave me feeling weak and dizzy and unwell for a couple of days so ideally I wanted a preventive more than anything but they haven't got anything they can offer me , I am now booked in for an elected c-section on the 18th so now have to stop taking the aspirin because it will thin my blood and that isn't safe to take before any surgery , but now I am really panicking that I am going to end up having a migraine on the day I have my baby , my migraines consist of loss of sight , loss of feeling in fingers that sometimes goes up my arms , excruciating headache and vomiting if left untreated so my go to is to take medication and sleep it off but if I am stuck in hospital I'm not going to be able to sleep it off so it is just going to get worse and worse , please help me 🙁

  1. Welcome friend. I am sorry you are suffering through this pregnancy. I sure hope some women jump on here to help. We don't give advice here as we here in the community are not doctors, but those who suffer from migraine disease, offering their experience only. The best I can offer is to contact your doctors again about your fears, or see a headache/migraine specialist who can offer better advice, especially since being pregnant. It may be mute now seeing that you will be induced on the 18th.

    Have you tried devices that are not medication-based, but assist in lessening migraines such as Cefaly? It is an FDA-approved, External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (e-TNS) device. Many have used this in the community - Not sure it is approved through pregnancy though and HIGHLY recommend you talk with your doctors before use. Here is a link I wait to hear what others have tried during pregnancy, as this is a vulnerable period for many suffering through migraines. Rebecca (comm advc)

    1. also here is a link to many articles on our site with respect to pregnancy and migraines. Hope it is helpful. Rebecca (comm advc)

      1. I'm sorry you are in a tough spot with enduring migraine along with pregnancy. In addition to the Cefaly and e-TNS device Rebecca told you about there are also Gamma-core, Nerivio, and Relivion. It may bee too late to acquire any of these before your C section, though. Here are some links to these devices if you want to explore those options. Good luck with your baby! Warmly, Cheryl team

        1. I have nothing to add except perhaps talking to your surgical team about migraine management during surgery and through your hospital stay, along with what options you have if you plan to breastfeed. Mostly, I just want to congratulate you and wish you a speedy, easy, migraine-free delivery and recovery! Please keep us posted so we can support and celebrate you. <3 -Melissa, team

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