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I am a 36 year old female..I was in a severe car accident 7 years ago .I coded 3 different times on 3 different occasions during a 8 month period while in ICU.. I just recently started having these abnormal headaches. I am a epileptic so sometimes I get that euphoric feeling and that is just a reminder that its time to take my seizure medication because i have to take 3 pills twice a day for grand mals. When I started actually vomiting during these awful headaches I knew something more than just a bad headache was happening. Before I told the doctor, I was expierencing these headaches at least three to four times in a month period. I had lived in a hospital for months with blood transfusions, ruptured sleen, collapsed lung, all right side broken ribs and two shattered ankles which have now been reconstructed, however, I was simply afraid to see the doctor about something new and very different but very severe. I mean I had already been quarantined for Mersa (I think I misspelled) from all the surgeries and procedures causing staff infection within my blood stream..the last thing I wanted to do was tell that I was suffering from headaches that would shut me down for nearly two days, in the bed with pitch darkness and no noise. I seen my neurologist for my eplilepsy and he gave me medication that I simply put on my tongue and let it dissolve. Everytime I have one I try to pay attention to what could have triggered it but anyone out there with epilepsy know that short termed memory is shot and you do good to remember what happened 30 minutes ago. The last headache I had was two days ago...and just because I got medication for them does not or has not stopped them from still coming around 3 or 4 times a month, but this last time..I had woken in up in real awful sweats days prior and couldnt control my yawning. I was hungry after having just eaten. I was urinating constantly and I had the nervous like tremors in my hands..I also kept complaining that I tasted metal in my mouth which I have none..its all in my feet!!! I had somewhat of a sluggish feeling all day but I kept from laying down taking a nap like I wanted to do so bad. That evening when it was time to go to bed I felt like I had just pushed myself too hard that day. I have two boys and now going thru a divorce. Sometime in the night I had gotten up for the bathroom and realized I had a bad headache. I laid back down and fell back asleep only to wake up with the worst pounding and throbbing feeling in my head.. Oh great!! Here we go again! But I was reading up on migraines again as if I hadnt read everything possible already, but ran across certain foods that can cause them. I had to have a hysterectomy in the hospital so my craving for chocolate once a month still baphels me, however, I had been eating chocolate all week and like i said i do that about one time a month, but it also had nuts in it. I also had been eating bananas in my cereal every morning lately..Those three foods were some of the things that supposedly can trigger a migraine. So without meaning to..I guess between the stress and worry that a divorce can bring and the foods I was eating along with the tail tale signs of sweats, bathroom, metal taste in my mouth, yawning, my hunger, the caused my headache..then once Ive read this to myself, no wonder I have a dang headache. Im sure my stress level which has been over the top has not helped either. Im not even sure where to start with how to relieve the stress that Im under these days.. I do know these things are a absolute nightmare and I hate them. My kids hate them too of course. And the weirdest thing is we had a thunderstorm that night I got my migraine. I read some people have them during weather change. My feet tell me every time before the weather man can. I guess now I have double the knowledge. I have chronic foot and ankle pain which knowing they are made up of ALOT of metal ..Im still thankful I can walk. Im not thankful or feel blessed in anyway with these headaches!!!

  1. Hi ashley2016,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us and welcome to the discussion forum. I am however, so sorry to hear about your accident. That really must have been awful. With all those injuries, they must have done a head Cat scan or MRI?

    Now, as far as migraine goes, it can be triggered by many things including certain foods, irregular sleeping patterns, becoming dehydrated, skipping meals and stress. I'm not saying you have migraine, just providing you with information you can discuss with your doctor. Being chronically ill and going through a divorce is difficult - been there, done that. Take a look at this article about migraine when you get a chance, it's very informative; The Seven Essentials of Migraine;

    It is very important to discuss your symptoms with the doctor as self diagnosis is not a good idea. As much as I wish I could tell you exactly what was wrong but only a qualified doctor can do that. Please contact your doctor to discuss your head pain, get a full neurological exam, and go over your family history and symptoms.

    Keep us posted on how you are feeling,

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