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Migraines & Kids

I don't have any children- but I am an Auntie.
Pre-migraine life, I couldn't WAIT to have kids, marriage, the whole enchilada.
Now, spending any amount of time with my nieces (whom I ADORE), practically sends me head first into a migraine.
The thought of someday having kids, and having to deal with that, has severely diminished my want for a child, ever.

To those who have children- how do you manage?
Has anyone decided against children because they get migraines?

I absolutely adore my nieces, and spending more than two hours with them makes me feel like I'm dying. Wanting to push them away makes me feel like the worst person (and Auntie) on the planet.


  1. I don't have an answer, but I feel for you. I could have written this post. I have a nephew I adore, who I could see when he was a baby, but as my sound sensitivity worsened, and he's gotten into his two-year-old stage, I haven't been able to be around him since my sister rightly points out that he doesn't come with a volume control button. It was painful enough when they would come over and he wanted to go outside all the time (and of course it was always sunny so I was trapped in the house.)

    Basically, migraines suck. I am a skype Auntie, however, and hopefully as he gets older and (crosses fingers) a doctor somewhere out there figures out how to fix me, maybe things will get better. I hope they will for you too.

    1. At this moment of time I am in the "never have kids boat". Of course I am only 28 and no boyfriend so things could change in the future. I haven't have children being on the meds I'm on (especially vaporic acid is extremely dangerous), cant come off of them for the pregnancy and breast feeding as well as having NO energy - I don't even know how it would be possibly to function. I sometimes cant handle the noise my cats make during a migraine, let alone a screaming child.

      kudos to anyone who has chronic migraines and kids, you are super heros

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