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Migraines that make you feel drunk

Has anyone else experienced a migraine like this? Makes you feel very dizzy and disoriented and you feel as if you're drunk. The pain starts behind my eyes, which subsequently feel as if they are about to pop out of my head from the pressure, but then after the pain spreads throughout my entire head, down into my neck and shoulders. All of those are typical for me as is some dizziness and disorientation. But this dizziness is extreme and I feel as if the whole room is spinning and I may fall over at any time, even though I'm sitting down. I fell exactly as I would if I were very drunk but I haven't had anything to drink, well nothing alcoholic I mean. The dizziness begins in waves and also often accompanied by blurry vision, now however it had progressed to any time I move my had in any way.

Has anyone else had experience with these? They're getting more frequent for me and i'm just wondering if anyone else has experience and if they found some relief?

  1. I have had migraines where I feel drunk but I haven’t had the same symptoms as you describe here. Usually the drunk feeling comes when I’ve had really bad pains in the sides of my head. I personally just wait it out.

    1. Hello. I have recently been getting the same symptoms. Have you found out what had been causing them? Hope you're feeling better.

      1. They are likely vestibular migraines. They seem to be a newer discovered type, with vertigo. And they suck!

        1. Hi was wondering how u coped with this as am geting it to a also feel cold to with it thanks if u reply

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