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Why Do My Migraines Now Wake Me?

Hi! I have been posting more often as I continue to severely struggle. Over the last 18 months, I now get occasional migraines that wake me from sleep. My migraines always start out mild but come on pretty quickly. They tend to come on strong and they 90% of the time develop into a severe, take Advil or go to the ER type of headache. I get severe inflammation and it’s the only thing that works. They never used to wake me from sleep until 18 months ago and I’m not sure why. I’m also not sure why my migraines are never dull or never stay dull. Without Advil, it never goes away and never gets better. Thoughts? Thank you. Starting Botox 7/14 because I’m out of options 🙁

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  1. Hi , thanks for sharing your story with us. It sounds like you are really having a hard time. A lot of us have been there. Are you seeing a neurologist or headache specialist? Since your headaches are becoming more severe, it sounds like you need more help than you have been getting. There are many more treatment options than Advil. In fact, if taken too often, over the counter medications can cause medication overuse headache, which can make your migraine attacks worse. You can do your own searching for doctors in your area, but here is a link to a doctor finder. The doctors on this list mainly work with headache patients. We are always glad to hear from you, so keep us posted! ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. , its good to hear that you are going to try Botox. I'm sure your doctor will tell you this, but it takes a week or so to start feeling the effects of it. I hope it helps you feel better.
      ~ Peggy ( team)

  2. Yes. I start Botox tomorrow. I am nervous. Ty!

    1. Hey there, MK2019, just checking up on you ... how did it go? Fingers crossed that it helps. <3 -Melissa, team

    2. Thank you! I have now been rescheduled for 7/22, as I discovered I have pink eye last night. You can't make it up! LOL.

  3. A week sounds great haha. I am worried about it working at all, needing multiple treatments to see results and I’m worried about it wearing off 🙁. My migraines turned chronic kind of out of nowhere.

    1. Thanks SO much for checking in. That was so sweet. I am going in about 3 hours. I am nervous!

      1. Of course. Try not to be afraid! While there are risks to everything, plenty of people here have shared positive stories about Botox here. Hang onto hope!

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