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I have just read about migralens and I was interested in hearing from anyone who has tried them (or similar) - I already have light reactive glasses that are also anti-glare that help massively for my migraines, but I still get the odd migraine (I have 20/20 vision, these glasses are purely to help reduce my migraines). My issue is that my desk is at a 90 degree angle to the outside windows and so when the sun is out, the light creeps in under the sides of my glasses and can still trigger a migraine.

Has anyone tried MigraLens or similar; do they work? is it worth my investing in a pair?


  1. I've not used MigraLens, but have a pair of Theraspecs and they've worked great. Actually I'd say they are most useful to me under flourescent lighting. Another brand is Axon Optics.

    -Katie Moderator

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