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my name is paul and i am from toronto i have been suffering since 14 i am now 51. i know why we suffer. it all has to do with how we eat . if we have alot of acid foods or sauce example pasta sauce our migraines are worse because it does not digest to good so if it does not digest good what does acid do it burns so if it is not going down our stomach it just sits there and the toxins rise up towards our head and what makes it worse if we cant do number 2 and we get hungry we just keep pilling on now we are not comfortable and our migraines intensifies . which means we get constipation and it gets harder for us to do # 2 and the acid sits in our stomach and then it burns our heads as we add more food it inter acts and the chemicals in the foods destroy us. and if we eat too much food beside acid foods and cant go to washroom our heads get heavy there is a difference . test eat for 2 days pasta sauce with your favorite pasta dish or something with high amounts of acid eat until you get packed and if you do not go to washroom for # 2 you will feel crapey and your migraine will be at its worse, so we have to watch mixtures of food and dont eat alot we have to be consistant on # 2. dont go to bed on full stomach dont mix sugar and proteins and dont drink pop with pasta and dont eat till you blot up and there is lots more this is just a start so try that when you feel the pain email the web cite if this is happening to you it will surprise you remember foods have alot of toxins not everyone has good response or reaction that is why we suffer at young age we developed poor eating habits and stay with them and then we look for pain relief for the head but guess what it starts in the stomach . and wont work have a nice day

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your input.


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