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Mold and Migraines

I have been researching the connection between mold and migraines but little to no studies, Anyone have any experience in this?

  1. There is a connection between migraines and allergies, and mold is a common allergen. I'm very allergic to several types of mold. Whenever I'm around mold I am more likely to get a migraine on top of my allergy symptoms. My parents' house had water damage that led to mold they didn't know about and my allergies and migraines were horrible until they finally got rid of it. I won't live in garden level apartments for that reason.

    1. Hi there - Thanks for reaching out! I just wanted to let you know that your question was also shared on Twitter and one of our members shared this response...

      "I think multiple mold exposures among other things have exacerbated my migraines."

      I sure hope some of this member feedback has helped! Thank you for sharing your thoughts too!

      Take good care,
      Joanna ( Team)

      1. Hi! Oh yes, I also experienced this. I used to have lots of allergies, including various molds, and would get severe migraines after being exposed to molds. I think there is a pretty significant connection between allergies and migraine, especially mold allergies and migraine. I would recommend allergy shots as they seemed to have helped me a lot. Hope this helps. 😀

        1. You may consider getting an allergy panel. My parents were concerned that mold might be a problem for me, though they when I got my panel back, it came back negative. That means, even if my house had mold in it, it wouldn't effect my migraines.

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