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MRI for Migraines?

Has anyone else ever had an MRI for migraines? I have had several, (having migraines for 33 years) and they found what is called a UBO. (Unidentified Bright Object) They told me it was quite common in Migraine sufferers. I knew something was there, because I had what I will call...Pinpoint pain right where it was. They said there was nothing that can be done about them, in fact, they are not even sure what they are. But this "white matter" shows up on the gray matter of the brain. I have also been told I have "lesions" on my brain, from the Migraines. Any comments?

  1. Hi Mocha1061,

    Many of us have MRI's to rule out other conditions but currently there is no test, scan, Xray or blood test that can diagnose migraine disease. A migraine diagnosis is attained by a review of your family medical history, your medical history, your symptoms, an exam and review with your doctor. Here is some information that may help with this;

    White matter lesions (also called unidentified bright objects) can be found in people who have had migraine for a long time. We have information on this topic I can share with you;

    I hope you find this helpful,

    1. hi there. I've had over ten MRIs for migraine in the last 20 yes. The last one was two years ago and I was 56. A "bright spot" was found and diagnosed as normal for my age. six months later I started getting the worst headaches of my life. I managed an MRI clinic for some years and am aware that many times these thing are harmless but when the migraines got so much worse then I wonder. I can't get a second opinion because of a severe lack of doctors in my area. Maybe you can. Also while Nancy is right about "white matter" white matter can also be misinterpreted. CNS disorders also exhibit as white matter. I am I interested that you were told "UBO"s are common in migraine sufferers. I've never heard that term and I've been seeing a world class headache specialist for 15 yrs. You may have to do your own research. Also was your MRI read by a neuroradiologist???? best of luck.

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