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MRI Results

Recently I had an MRI with contrast of my brain. I am a patient at clinics at the VA. My primary doctor there sent me a letter to let me know there were changes in some part of my brain having to do with white matter. He recommended exercise and a change in diet. He did not explain what these changes are or if the changes are something I should be concerned about. I will see a neurologist outside of the VA system shortly. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a MRI with results similar to what I have described and if so, were they serious?

  1. Hi riverleigh,

    Thank you for your question and being part of the discussion forum. Let me see what information I can give you that may help.

    My most recent MRI indicated a few white matter lesions which are often seen in people with long term migraine. I'm not suggesting that is what's going on with you, rather sharing my experience. Your neurologist should be be able to fill you in on exactly what these lesions mean.

    Let me share with you some information on white matter lesions and migraine; and and

    I hope this helps, keep us posted on how you are doing.

    1. I have had similar comments on my Brain MRI

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