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Mri results SCARED

I don't know if anyone has read my previous post ref my abnormal mri (with white matter foci)..I am soo scared I am going insane. Lately I am feeling like I don't know who I am all the time..I do everything I am supposed to do respond well etc but even my voice, words seem unreal. I hate this more than migraines. I am soooo scared whats happening to me..I am not asking for medical advice. Already booked another neuro just support/thoughts.

  1. Hi @ton76, while you're waiting for feedback from the community, I wanted to share a list of articles with you that discuss changes to white matter: I hope there is some useful information for you. -Warmly Donna (team member)

    1. How are you doing now? I hope you are finding some peace. It's important to note that the sense of unreality can come from some medications and also just as a migraine symptom. Getting support from a neuro is the right thing to do -- try not to panic. Migraine is often changing. I know that doesn't fix it, but try to take things one day at a time. Hugs. -Melissa, team

      1. Melissa thank you. I went to another neuro who doesn't think migraines necessarily caused these lesions. Ordered MRI of the neck and thorax. He did Hoffman sign etcc other tests maybe Sjogrens or something else and or neuropathy. He even talked about thrombvofilia a disease of blood clots. I am ill with worry.

        1. Sounds like it might be a panic attack or an anxiety one , if you need to talk I am a expert on both {not by choice} I woke up today and thought wow why am I so dizzy then wham barfy migraine a bad one so off to bed again , checked the weather and knew why , sitting here feeling my anxiety and afraid to move having vertigo does not help .. So sorry I meant to just help you and I guess I needed to talk ! I have a book that I would not leave home without it , its by Claire weeks its called hope and help for your nerves but talks about Agoraphobia and anxiety saved me because everything I was going thru was there .. Maybe I should look and see if she has one for migraines ! By the when you mention your feelings sounds like disasociation can't spell anymore any way if I can help so your not going crazy trust me ..Susan

          1. thank you so much!!

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