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Multiple auras within a short time before migraine?

I just had a migraine experience that has never happened to me in all the migraines I’ve had. I get the aura in my eye which lets me know that I’m getting a migraine. I don’t know how many people actually get the aura but I normally only get it once and then it’s accompanied by the painful migraine headache.

So my most recent migraine which happened earlier this week. I had the aura and maybe 30 minutes later I got another aura in my eye which caused me to be a little concerned. I then went to the bathroom maybe an hour later and noticed that I started getting yet another aura in my eye. At this point, I’m getting worried because not only has this never happened before but it was incredibly strange for it to suddenly start happening even now that I’ve had plenty of migraines where this hasn’t happened.

Next thing I know I go back to the bathroom shortly after and had another aura show up in my eye. This takes it up to a grand total of 4 auras within 4 or 5 hours and I was wondering if someone else has experienced this or maybe knows what exactly happened or what caused it?

  1. Hello! The almost identical thing happened to me for the first time last week! I had the usual aura in the center of my vision and it took about 25 minutes to spread to my outer vision and disappear. Then, a half hour later I could see the aura in my outer vision again. It lasted about 10 minutes and then another half hour later happened again, and one more time after that. I’m going to speak with my neurologist tomorrow as this is something new. I hope you’re feeling well!

    1. Wow, that’s exactly how mine was. By the sound of it we have the exact same aura too, mine starts in the center and spreads to the outer rim of my peripheral vision eventually disappearing. Thanks for responding, I hope you feel better too, would you mind telling me what he/she says tomorrow and see if I can get an idea of what is happening to me? If not don’t worry about it but if you wouldn’t mind that would be fantastic!!

      1. Yes! I will definitely let you know.
        Glad you are feeling better. I still have a slight headache, but almost there. My headache takes days to fully subside.

        1. Hi again - just got off the phone with my neurologist. He said it can be typical for migraines to act that way - i.e. multiple auras in the beginning. So, we are okay in that regard! It was the first time I saw multiple auras, so I was nervous. Relieved to know it's OK if it happens. Hope this helps!

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