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Multiple auras daily

I am 67 reasonably healthy, I still work as a domiciliary carer.
I have suffered from migraine with aura since aged 11.
My migraines have changed over the years and I had very few during my 30s. The reappered during my 40s but the visual aura was sometimes replaced with a tingling and numbness on one side, after MRI and neurological exams it was confirmed as complex migraine with aura in other words it had changed; I endured this daily throughout my 50s until I retired from my work in a busy office. A big improvement after changing my meds (propranolol 40mg and Nortriptyline 25mg) before bed. This worked and I was migraine free for almost 4 years. Around a year ago I started getting the typical visual zigzag aura a few times every few weeks. I managed ok as no headache so I continued unconcerned. However the last couple of weeks I have had as many as 4-5 auras one after the other sometimes several times a day. Some last just a few minutes some almost an hour. My GP did a physical exam and told me to keep a food diary and cut out cheese which I ate a lot of being vegetarian. She is calling me in a week and will refer me to a neurologist if it hasn't improved just to make sure nothing sinister going on.
Is it possible for migraine aura to behave this way. I refuse to let it ruin my life, I have had enough after all these years. I still run and exercise even if I get an aura and it's worked OK for me, but since these multiple attacks I just needed to see if anyone else has had them.
Sorry for the long post xx

  1. So glad you helped us understand more fully what you are up against here with these auras. They can be extremely intrusive and upsetting. And yes, it is possible for them to behave in such a way - without invasive head pain. It really goes to prove that migraine is a complex neurological condition, not just a headache. These auras are revealing that there's a lot more going on for you neurologically.
    Very smart to get you seen by a migraine specialist as there is this change afoot. It may be time to introduce a new treatment protocol. Migraine does have a way of evolving over time and as it does, we frequently have to change our treatment strategy in response to it. Thankfully there are a lot of great choices out there in terms of treatments these days (both in terms of prevention and rescue options). Take a look at this interactive page to help give yourself a sense of what's available: And here's a list of migraine specialists for you to see who might be in your area - likely time to connect with a specialist vs a GP with the way things are lighting up (literally):
    Finally, here's our various resources on aura. You may choose to skim them and see what resonates:
    You are NOT alone in this. As I mentioned, migraine evolves over time - aura can show up multiple times daily and throw us for a loop. You sound to have a very good attitude despite your lengthy journey with migraine.
    Please know we are here for you and in this with you. Reach out anytime for support or information. Warmly- Holly team.

    1. Thank you Holly for you kind and reassuring reply. I shall take your advice, i shall ask my GP to refer me to a neurologist again. I'll also check out those links tomorrow x
      It's so good to have help from people who care and who understand how debilitating and worrying migraine can be x

      1. We are absolutely here for you. Please let us know how things work out with connecting to a migraine specialist. We'll be thinking of you. Warmly- Holly team

    2. I am seeing my GP at 11am tomorrow and ask him to refer me back to a neurologist and possibly another MRI. 🙃
      Thank you again, I'll keep you updated x

      1. Sounds like a good plan. If I may, you may want to ask him to see a doctor who is an expert in treating migraine and headache rather than a general neurologist. These doctors are different from general neurologists as they are certified in headache medicine, all neurologists are not. General neurologists may be fine doctors but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat many conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and more. A true migraine/headache disease doctor treats migraine and headache all day, every day. Here is more information on how these doctors are different and how to find one;
        Good luck at your appointment and please keep us posted, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    3. Thank you so much for the links x

      1. I just saw this post after reading your previous status update. I hope this trip to the doctor gets you on the path to some answers -- I know how scary it is to deal with health changes and mystery diagnoses. Try to take things one day at a time. We're all here for you! -Melissa, team

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