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Multiple Types of Headaches all in One Head?

Recent (fingers crossed) success in my headache treatment has come after years of marginally effective treatment of migraine headache with and without aura came after low dose indomethacin and cervical physical therapy were added to topamax. My headache days suddenly dropped from greater than 20 days a month to less than 3. There isn't much on the internet on patients with more than one headache type but my neuro seems to be investigating if my migraine headaches are triggered by changes in my neck and if my other headaches including the one sided ones with major mucus from one nostril are indomethacin sensitive headaches of another type. All this happened after hospitalizations for D.H.E., months of sansert, years of other drugs, and a trial neurostimulator implant. I sure hope this lasts and wonder how common it is for a patient to have more than one headache type?

  1. Yes, I suffer from multiple types of headaches according to my doctors. I have not found anything to work for me. I hope what your doing will work for you.

    1. Treating with low dose drug combinations has helped. Adding physical therapy has also been a plus. I had to find new ways to participate in favorite activities because gardening head down in the sun and shelving library books head back and looking up both made for more stress at the base of the skull and triggered more headaches. I wouldn't have learned to change these postures without the help of a physical therapist. I hope that you too hang in there and find what works best for you.

      1. Hi gmkq5,

        I'm sorry to hear you haven't found anything to help reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines. Having multiple types of migraine and headache disorders doesn't help either!

        Have you been able to identify any of your migraine triggers? This is a really important part of a migraine management plan. If we can figure out what some of our triggers are and learn to avoid the ones we can (certain migraine triggers like hormones and the weather we can't avoid) we may be able to reduce the number of attacks we have. To do this the best tool is a migraine journal or diary and with all the different apps out there it really is easier than ever. has an app you can find here; but if that doesn't suit your needs there are plenty more online to choose from.

        Let me share some information on triggers with you if I may; and I hope you find this helpful.


        1. Hi daisygirlfp,

          Thank you for sharing your success with us. It is always great to hear what is working for people and how they are adapting with migraine in their lives.

          Nicely done!!


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