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Multivitamin with migraines

I really want to start on a multivitamin but in the past some have triggered my migraines. Does anyone have a recommendation of a multivitamin that might not contribute to my headaches?

  1. Hi 198u1r2,

    Thanks for your question. It is however, a difficult one to answer as not all the same things trigger each of us. Are you looking to take a supplement to help reduce migraine frequency and severity? If so there are a number of these that can be used and include magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10, riboflavin and others. Let me share with you a link where you can find more information on this;

    I prefer to take supplements on an individual basis as this allows me to narrow down (in theory) which one may be a potential trigger. For example I take B12, vitamin D, Biotin, and B2 separately.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out,

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