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My eyes are dizzy from all these ads!

Has everyone noticed all he side ads from big Pharma? I am not complaining, that is where we get our supposed "treatments" from. Are they reading this site? I hope so. They might see that their 30 year old treatments are not working for some of us
. I know that it is all bout percentages and ($$$$).

I have just taken my second Amerge since the first one has not knocked this Migraine out. It started at 2:30 AM. I felt better by 8:30 AM, then the pre symptoms started coming back. I must go out and shop for food. Yes, I still require food like most beings.

Two days ago I had a moderate Migraine. I found some generic Maxalt I stopped using. Then I carefully read the instructions and it said that I could take up to 3- 10 mg. in 24 hours. So, I followed the instructions to see if I had not taken enough in the past.

Even with a moderate Migraine, for me. I am out of it. Too dizzy to walk straight and drive. Certainly even reading is not a good idea. So, here I am 2 days later with a really bad (M) again. I look forward to another one in two days.

I only go online to check my email in-between going to bed and praying for relief. I never thought the Internet and having an email would be my only life preserver to keep me afloat.

  1. Hi itsmyhead,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope you are feeling better now!


    1. Thank you Nancy,

      It is very kind of you to respond.
      When I am in-between the (M) days, I am a happy, content person glad to be able to do what most of us take for granted.
      I do not know how long it will last, but I look forward to the next few hours.

      I should say that I will have to order more of my expensive, less effective, medication soon and I hope that it does not throw me into "the doughnut hole" as they call it. The medication does not even make me "Pain Free" as most non Migraineures think. It just enables me to be still and manage the pain for 8-12 hours. I pray that the world becomes a healing and loving place for all of us!

      1. Hi itsmyhead,

        I hear you - it's ridiculous how much medications can cost. I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.

        I'm trying to stay out of the "donut hole" as well by getting samples from my doctor. Is this an option for you? Maybe worth a phone call to the doctor to see what he/she has to offer as far as samples go.

        Let me know?


        1. Hi Nancy,
          I am recovering today from the worst (M) ever. It happened at 1:AM yesterday. I could not take any more Tryptans because I already had 4 (M) last week, even though I did not take the required 2 per incident. I was afraid of MOH. So after stopping the ice pick pain, with did my coffee enema procedure, it relieved the worst part of the pain; It does not abort the headache, so I knew I needed help.

          I tried calling my Neurologist, not much luck there. He travels from the next larger city to this smaller one, does not have a phone at this local office. What? Yes, nor could I talk to his PA. I had an expired "sample" of injectable Imitrex and wanted to know if I should use it because it clearly stated not to.

          So after 3 calls I double checked with Urgent care and told them I had uses Toradol at their location 3 other times and it led to untreatable rebounds. They told me to go to ER.

          My usual driver/friend was out of town and I did not want to ask a neighbor to possibly wait for hours for me in a (new) local hospital ER.

          Luck was on my side and a kind and generous person at a local center for seniors came to may aid and drove me over there. I dare not get in a car with the vertigo.

          The whole thing took about 3 hours and I was treated with a mix of 5-6 drugs, including Toradol which I asked not to be used. I was so tired when I got home I was in bed by 7 PM. A first for me. I then woke up at 1:00 and could not sleep any more. Sill exhausted and no energy with little twinges of pain in the usual predrome areas.

          Also, the only reason I continue to see this Dr. is to ask for samples. He usually gives me 1 pill or 1 spray or injectable. I know none of these work, tried them all before, but the Amerge I takes is up to about $30.00 per pill. That is $60.00 per headache time 3-4 a week.

          I was also told by the male nurse at the ER that it is illegal for Drs. to give samples. What has happened to our country?

          It is all about the Lawyers and Doctors profit margins and not patient health or well being.

          I am sorry to have so much to say, but my frustration is now higher than it has been in 30 years of dealing/living with migraines.

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