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My left eye is cloudy

I have a question for anyone. I was diagnosed with migraine at 13 and have been dealing with it ever since I was probably 7 (that is the first time I remember trying to relieve pressure in my head).

I recently had a new development in my migraines. My head has been pounding lately sensitivity to light and sound have increased, as well as sensitivity to aromas (even ones that have been pleasing and non-troublesome in the past). This week my left eye has started to cloud up. It is kind of like when you get that sleep filmy thing in your eye but I can't blink or rub it away.

Is this something new with my migraines or is it totally un-related? I am concerned and am making an appointment with my Dr. on Monday, but I would like to have an intelligent conversation with him. Any other suggestions in the mean time until I can get in. Not into the medications they give. I only take naproxen which dulls it a lot, but never gets rid of it.

  1. My right eye is always cloudy during migraines.

    1. Hi rhondagrensberg-smith

      We aren't able to tell you if these vision issues are related to your migraines or something else but can tell you it's important to discuss new symptoms with your doctor. The general rule of thumb is anytime we have new or different symptoms, we need to have a conversation with our doctor letting him/her know what is going on. It's not unusual to have vision issues when we have migraine with aura, but if you've not had this before, it's good to get checked over by your doctor soon.

      The only medications that stop migraine attacks are triptans and ergotamines. How many migraines are you getting a month? If it's more than three severe migraine attacks, you want to talk to your doctor about migraine prevention. It's important to reduce the number of attacks we have because there is some research showing that migraine is a progressive brain disease.

      Let us know how you make out at the doctor, OK?


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