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My Whinge (Feel free to ignore)

So the other night I ended up calling an ambulance due to feeling suicidal (I'm alright, not the point of this story) and, due to the pain I was in (about 12/10 on my pain scale) and their inability to find a vein, they gave me some Fentanyl instead. I told them it wouldn't work, that no pain killer has ever even touched my headache and I was right.

I spent the next 3 hours in a hospital bed, my entire body feeling heavy and my brain foggy except for the searing pain that the medication refused to act on. Plus, as a consolation prize, it lowered my respiratory rate such that every time I almost fell asleep, the SPO2 monitor would start to alarm and wake me up. Needless to say, I didn't have a good time in hospital.

If you've read this far, does anyone else have this kind of problem with painkillers? None of the relief, all (or some) of the side effects?

  1. I've been on Sodium Valproate for a few months now, and a benzo for a few weeks. They reckon that being on the benzo is a REALLY bad idea, and so I'm coming off it. Adding some Verpamil Hydrochloride gradually, so we'll see how that combination works.

    My current migraine is constant, has been for 5 years, so I unfortunately don't get "days off", so I'm constantly on meds. They've never worked, although I spent two years in a "can't be bothered trying treatment" mode. Gone back to it now, although a 7 month wait for a neuro appointment is seriously trying my patience.

    Glad you find some relief with meds, and are able to get use out of abortives, and also having obvious triggers are good too.

    If I do feel that bad again, I think I'll be refusing pain meds. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

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