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Nausea after chiropractor?

I saw a chiropractor yesterday about the migraines. He did neck and back adustments. The neck cracking was terrifying and really painful, but, I figured the benefits would outweigh that. It seems like it actually helped a bit already, and I was feeling optimistic about this.
But, I did some reading and apparently having neck adjustments can cause a stroke. And that risk is higher for people with migraines. Great. Now I'm scared to go back tomorrow.
The section on chiropractic therapy on this site says to seek immediate medical treatment if you get dizzy and nauseous after treatment. I definitely experienced that. I thought I was going to throw up and fall over. It went away, and they said it was normal, but that if it didn't go away or got worse, to call them immediately.
So...did I have a stroke? Should I be at the doctor right now? Even if it's not that, should I cancel my appointment?

  1. Hi Maybeso,

    I'm sorry I didn't see your post until now, but do hope you are feeling better. Many migraine/headache experts shy away from neck manipulation but are fine with low back manipulation.

    Please let me know how you made out and if it were me, no more neck treatments!


    1. Hi Snoopy10,

      I agree with you about the chiropractor and so do many migraine/headache disorder experts. Low back manipulation is OK, but they suggest none for the neck.

      To complicate things further, neck pain can be a trigger and symptom of a migraine attack! Here are a few articles on neck pain and migraine; and

      I wonder if PT would be something to look into? Not just the kind of PT that gives you exercises to do on your own, but added "soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, joint manipulation and stretching to improve range of motion and flexibility." Just at thought.

      Hang in there!

      1. I have just been to a chiropractic and had three sessions. On the third session inleft feeling nauseous and dizzy and still feeling this one week on. I am worried. Went to the doctor and she said oh you probably got a bug!!!

    2. Hi asta,

      It certainly could be a bug and I hope by now you are feeling better. If it happens again after seeing a chiropractor, I would discuss it with him/her and adjust your treatment plan accordingly to avoid nausea and dizziness.

      Let me know how you make out,

      1. Hi! I went to chiropractor yesterday and one week ago for a cracking neck. The doctor told me that this could be helpful for my migraines but I really think she wasn't understanding the meaning of a migraine and a headache provoked by neck pain. After a couple of hours I started feeling nausea and a soft migraine that started intensifying it day after day. I usually take triptans for the migraines since it's the only medicine that works with me. But I went to a doctor in Italy that recommended me Indoxen 50mg, a medicine for joints inflammation and arthritis. I have been taking it almost everyday when this bad feeling starts and the pain gets much lighter and the nausea is almost gone, without feeling all the sides effects of a triptan.
        I am desperate about my situation and that's the reason of trying it a second time but I'm not going back there.

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