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Are migraines related to neck and shoulder pain?

Doctors appt today! Sounds like a silly question because from my own experience I would answer with a yes! I’ve been having migraines for years but this last year it’s been a lot. It triggers from caffeine, sugar and sleep position for me and probably many other things I have yet to notice. Even when I am very careful they still come. Does anyone else get migraines from how they sleep?

My neck will be so stiff, base of my skull down to the top of my spine will hurt (I no longer sleep on my stomach) and my neck will feel like it’s burning. I have plenty of knots in my shoulders that when they are massaged will feel better but only temporary. I’ve seen a Chiro on and off for a year and I always leave feeling great but it doesn’t last. I have an appt with my regular doctor to see if he can offer more help. Does anyone have any advice for this appt today?

  1. Hi there ,
    Thanks so much for your question which is by NO means silly! There sure can be a strong connection between neck pain and migraine & it is great to hear you are talking to your doctor. As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I wanted to share a similar question that was asked here where there may be some helpful comments for you to review -

    Will you let us know how your appointment went?
    Take good care & good luck!
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. This may help you feel not so alone Neck pain is common. I do get neck stiffness/pain at times too. Usually the next day of the main Migraine.

      I also get a burning sensation in my neck when I have a UTI so I would definitely go see your GP to make sure things are ok there too.

      1. I royally screwed my neck up from years of looking down at notebooks and writing for hours on end. My neck was actually curving in the wrong direction and I started getting severe pain in my neck and head, which was later determined to be migraines. Getting chiropractic care and later on deep tissue massage therapy helped, but now my migraines are caused by other things and I do still have chronic neck problems that contribute to the attacks. Neck pain is a very common symptom with migraines and can certainly set one off, or start after the migraine itself has already began. I realize I'm commenting late and your appt is already over, but for future reference, my advice (that I wish I had followed myself way back when) is to just be honest and open about your symptoms and concerns; don't downplay them, but don't exaggerate. The doctor will need as clear a picture as possible to diagnose and treat your pain. And if you feel like they're just throwing pills at you without actually trying to find the root cause or blowing off your condition as no big deal, find another doctor.

        1. Hello and sorry this is late but YES! I have only just realised this after years of taking codeine for a neck problem which turns out to be migraines. It is not a stupid question at all - it would seem they are different but in reality neck pain can trigger migraines. Do let us know how you got on, I hope your appointment was helpful.

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