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Nerve Block vs Botox

Hi! I had mentioned I have occipital neuralgia. Someone was kind enough to tell me they get nerve block every 6 weeks. Does anyone get nerve block for occipital neuralgia? Or at all? Is it every 6 weeks for ON treatment? I got the 2nd cycle of Botox and my headaches slightly decreased with how many I get per month. Please help. Thanks!

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  1. Hi MK2019, I also have chronic migraine + ON and others. I used to get nerve blocks for ON when I had commercial insurance and could afford them. I got them about every 3 mos. Each time, I would get one nerve block, wait a week, and get another one. I'm not sure why they had me wait a week in between. It helped for me more than Botox did. Botox helped for about a month, or seemed to, and then everything went back the way it was.
    Both, my neurologist and my pain management specialist, said I couldn't have nerve blocks more frequently than every 3 mos because of the amount of steroids.
    I hope you find something that helps you. So far, I haven't.

    1. Hi! Were you able to get nerve block and Botox during the same time? Not same apt but switching off, I mean. Also, did nerve block always help? Lastly, ON can be identified from pressing on the occipital nerve in the back, right? I get shooting pain that mimic my headaches if my chiropractor does that. Also, did ON every wake you mid-sleep? I know migraines can, but I truly don’t think I have those. I hope you find something that helps you! Thanks soo much for your help!

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