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Nerve Blocks

I'm new here - so if this is discussed somewhere else, please direct me. I have had botox injections (4 rounds so far - every 3 months and only noticed improvement after the 2nd round) but haven't heard of nerve blocks before, would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

  1. Hi jlmillercat,

    It's typical to see improvement after the second or third round of Botox injections. I do have to mention that Botox is used as a migraine preventive medication - this helps prevent attacks. Nerve blocks are not preventive in nature, rather used to temporarily relieve pain for some.

    You may want to read others experiences here;

    I hope that helps,


    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for responding. Do you think that since I have only seen improvement for one cycle, in the total of 10 months since I've been receiving (every 3 months) it's unlikely botox is going to help me?
      Thanks for clarifying that nerve blocks are used to temporarily relieve immediate pain. I will check out the link you provided.
      Thanks again.

      1. Hi Jamie,
        Thanks for replying. I have had 4 rounds of botox so far (it is every 3 months). Not doing anything. On topamax (preventive). So the nerve blocks/trigger point injections last 5-8 days for you? Do they kick in right away? Do you get them right when you get a migraine or do you pretty much have a migraine (or cluster headache) all the time? I appreciate you sharing your experience with me! I definitely want to pursue this!

        1. Hi Jamie,
          Wow! 2 years! Now that's a lot of patience! I know I'm not willing to wait that long for botox to kick in. Sorry abt the intractable migraine and being inpatient. I'm glad that you are able to get some relief from the pain. Thanks again for sharing your experience with me. Hoping today's a relatively good day for you...

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