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Neurologist wants 'urgent' follow-up 7 months after MRI!?

I had an MRI back in October and have heard nothing so assumed no news was good news. I just got a phone call from the neurologist's office, saying he wants to see me next week in the out-patient clinic and it was on the urgent list. The assistant said he was away for a few months and is now back. Obviously I'm freaking out!

Can I assume that he would have handed over his cases when he was away and if it was emergent, I would have been contacted earlier? If it is the best-case scenario, where he just wants to discuss further treatment for my migraines, I would think he'd refer me back to my GP but am I wrong? Can't believe I get this news a week before the appointment with zero information!

  1. I hear how concerned you are about that phone call and I'm sure it's difficult to not let your imagination run rampant. Did the office provide any further information, or just leave you wondering all weekend, which is awful.
    On the other hand, it may be he is just back from being away and trying to get caught up on his patients, nothing more. Like you, I would have assumed his cases we not just ignored, but forwarded to another provider.
    At any rate, I would call back Monday, probably too late this afternoon, and find out as much as you can. Is it to discuss MRI results, or simply a follow up visit? Were the doctors cases forwarded to another provider while he was gone? I'd ask those first!

    For the weekend, let's go with follow up visit so you don't worry too much! Try to stay calm and not worry too much. Will you come back and let us know how you make out? Gentle hugs, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. Hello,

      It's unclear why the neurologist wants to see you urgently. Don't assume anything and try not to panic. Discuss your concerns with the neurologist and ask for clarification during your appointment.

      1. Hi
        Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts with us. When we're not in the "hot" seat so to speak, it's easy to stay calm, cool and collected.
        How are you doing today? Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

        1. Hi! I'm sorry they left you up in the air like that. I would be so anxious right along with you! Did you get to go into the office at this point, or find out the nature of your appointment? I am hoping for the best -- surely if it were very serious, it wouldn't have been left so long. Let us know when you can, we are here to support you! -Melissa, team

          1. The message above was meant for you. Sorry about that. 😀

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