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New 1st post looking for help please

HI, I have a headache nearly everyday, which I didn't take much notice of as my symptom of lightheadiness and floating feeling is worse than the headache. I could get up and be fine, or I could be walking as if I was walking on a trampoline. Sometimes when I walk I feel the ground is moving, or a rug is being pulled from underneath me. I find driving at night the worst , the LED lights are awful and hurt my eyes. I come in from driving in the dark and I'm just so lightheaded, even turning to put things in the oven etc is awful dizzy feeling. My sense of smell is really heighten and I can hear the grass grow, everything seems super sensitive. I do wear the night time driving glasses that you put over your own glasses it has calmed the lights down, but I still feel awful. Shopping centres, I get very unsteady in some shops and others are ok. I am also unable to go on a travelator or escalator as I just can't seem to judge the speed they travel. I did walk through a revolving door thought nothing of it I was standing still it moved and I was arms in the air to get my balance..... is this vestibular migraine or what, I am just cracking up with it....also walking in the dark is impossible I just can't see and feel the ground is higher than it is.. or walking down a hill I find I am very unsteady and walking as if ices. would love some help please. Thank you.

  1. Hello Potsie,

    I don't now what type of migraine you are having, but it sounds very much like mine. I have found that my dizziness fluctuates, sometimes it is much worse than others and at one point I had to use a cane for balance. Right now it is just a constant light headed feeling with an occasional spinning feeling added in. The worst thing for me is when I have to get something off of the floor or out from a lower cabinet, I come just to the point of passing out but I am always able to pull myself back. Driving at night is a problem for me too and, I have cataracts! I don't want to stop diving at night, but I don't go to far when I do and I try to only go where I know.

    Today I am having a fairly good day so I am spending it in my sewing room trying to get some of my projects done before things get bad again...

    I know this most likely give you the answers you are looking for but I hope you feel better knowing that you are not alone.

    1. Potsie,
      You're symptoms are almost exactly to mine. The dizziness is in my head ( as in, not the room spinning). I have become basically home bound aside from doctors appointments. I cannot drive anymore. If you suspect vestibular migraines you need to find a headache specialist that specializes in balance disorders as well. I am also thinking I am having vestibular migraines or some kind of migraine associated with vertigo. I have done every treatment offered to me and nothing has been successful. I found an ENT doctor who specializes in migraines as well as balance disorders. I have an appt.February 24th hope that helps. Good luck! I can let you know how it goes

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