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Do I need a new doctor?

I’ve had chronic migraines and chronic (daily) headaches for as long as I can remember. I finally got insurance for the first time about 6 months ago and saw a neurologist. He told me “don’t worry anymore. We’re getting rid of your headaches and migraines today”. He immediately gave me some shots (don’t remember what they were but the was 1 in each side of the back of my head and the 1 in each side between the base of my neck and my shoulders) and started me on once a month Ajovy shots without doing any tests at all which I thought was a little strange. I did those for 5 months and saw no change whatsoever, maybe even got worse. I decided to try a different neurologist and I’ve seen the new one twice so far. The first time again was no tests at all and he just wanted me to ween off the medications I was taking (amitriptyline, imitrex and Ajovy) and again have me the same exact line as the first Dr about “don’t worry, we’ll get rid of everything and you’ll feel normal”. I go back for the second appointment expecting maybe an order for blood tests or mri (I’ve have numerous concussions) but no, he spent the entire appointment for the very first word out of his mouth to the very last trying to sell me medical cannabis. Now I’m not against trying cannabis but I’d like to at least try to figure things out first.

It just seems like both drs are trying to sell me “their” drugs instead of actually trying to help me. The first Dr is all about brand new fancy drugs and everything else is garbage and the second Dr thinks the same way but only with cannabis, it seems he just wants to give EVERYONE cannabis instead of figuring out the problem to know if cannabis will help or not. So my question is, do I look for a third neurologist? And if so, what should I look for in the Dr?

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  1. Hi again- I have a feeling this is a copy of the other post, so I'll paste my reply here as well. I would be concerned about any doctor who makes proclamations about being able to cure your migraine disease "today"

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. A very good series of questions you are asking. I’ve just recently written a couple of articles for the site on this topic which I’ll share below. Hopefully they’ll be of some help:

    In a nutshell, I’d suggest you seeking a migraine specialist specifically. Here is a link that will hopefully help you find one near you:

    Hope this helps!

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