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New CGRP Abortive Side Effects

Has anyone used the newest CGRP ABORTIVE medications (NOT the injectable preventatives)? They are called “REYVOW”, “NURTEC” and “UBRELVY”. They are taken orally to treat migraine as soon as it begins.

Are there any side effects to consider

My question is whether anyone has had any side effects to these drugs? The CGRP injectable meds (“AIMOVIG”, “AJOVY”, “EMGALITY”) have had many, many side effects reported on this forum and others. I had a severe reaction to “NURTEC” similar time the effect I had with the injectable meds. Severe anxiety, heart-pounding, tremors, breathlessness...just like a full panic attack! But the NURTEC worked VERY well on my migraine. I am just wondering whether anyone else has had this side effect from any of the CGRP new ABORTIVE meds?

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  1. Hey there, Karen,

    Lots of people here have taken these medications. Hopefully you will get some personal stories.

    In the meantime, we have some information about them I thought you might find useful.

    Take care!
    Melissa, team

    1. Thank you, Melissa! The info you provided was very helpful.
      I’m eager to hear from migraine patients who have tried one or more of these CGRP abortives. I’m interested in any side effects other than those listed by the drug’s maker. And in the effectiveness among the 3 different drugs.
      The CGRP preventatives seem to have MANY side effects reported by users on this forum other than the mild ones the drug’s maker lists. And a wide range of effectiveness with as many not getting any results as those who had success.

      1. Nurtec has given me a new life without Migraine, sounds crazy but for me it is true. This is the first medication I have had zero side effects with. I had a full blown migraine of several days, pretty typical for me. I would have only a few hours or if I was lucky one whole day without a migraine. I have been migraine free for a whopping 33 days! None of the other symptoms either.... truly life changing for me. I hope it helps others also.

        1. Hallelujah! I hope your pain free days continue.

      2. Wow! I’m so glad to hear that! I’m happy you’ve finally found relief. I too get daily migraines. Was wondering, how do you manage the 8 NURTEC tablets given usually for the whole month? The prescribing info says not to take more than 10 tablets in a month. But it’s usually being prescribed as an 8-pack for a month. How does one know which migraines to treat and which ones not to treat and to just suffer through?

        1. I don't know if this will help but here goes - I had a tension migraine for 4 days. Naratriptan and OTC's did not help. Years ago I used to take Midrin for this type ( sharp pain from neck to temple to eye) but I was told it was no longer available. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I asked my neuro if Midrin or similar med was available now. He prescribed Nurtec. I have not had a tension migraine since filling my prescription so I can't say if it works for me. Best wishes.

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