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How can I prepare for neurology appointment?

I moved cities semi-recently and am preparing for an appointment with a new neurologist. I should have seen one sooner but you know how difficult it can be... My migraines have been getting worse lately so I'm at a bit of an acute moment. The doc sends out a questionnaire in advance and will have my medical records as well as some reports from a migraine tracking app I've been using the past few months... Is there anything else I should prepare to make the most of this appointment?

  1. Hi Susamees,

    You sound prepared. I would keep track of the migraines right up to your appointment, but it sounds like you know this already. Can you bring anyone else with you? Someone who knows your history. It may help, just in case, you forget anything you will have an alli there to help you out. Maybe write down questions as you think of them you want to ask him/her. You have been through this before. You got this. 😀

    1. That's a great idea. I could bring my husband. I'm grateful to say that he is extremely supportive. I'm the more organized one but I know we tend to downplay things ourselves, he could keep me "honest" as it were.

    2. Best of luck with the appointment. Hope all goes well

  2. It sounds like a lot, but really only 4 pieces of paper. I bring duplicates, sometimes they take the mediation lists.
    It sounds like you’ve got in under control. I’ve never had a questionnaire ahead of time.
    I bring :
    1. a list of current medications (including OTC & supplements) A spreadsheet - name of drug, date started, dose & frequency taken, condition it’s treating, name of prescribing physician
    2. list of treatments I’ve tried that didn’t work (or did work and I had to discontinue due to severity of side effects). It’s on a spreadsheet - date, name & dose of drug, results, reason for discontinuation
    3 migraine record (really simple - a one year calendar. I black out the dates when I have a migraine and put a red circle around it if I had an aura. By each month I write the # of days with migraine)
    4. My final list (all fits on one page)
    - point form summary of current conditions, status (ie stable with ABC rx, etc) and treating physician
    - aprox date migraines became chronic (see list of medications tried )
    - migraine symptoms (so I don’t forget anything)
    - questions to ask for when they prescribe a new medication (most common side effects, do they usually pass, how long does it usually take to see results, when is follow up appointment, if I have further questions and have to call the office, who should I ask for (sometimes it’s a specific nurse or assistant)

    1. Dang, your organized Jo17151. Great advice. Thank you

    2. is right - you ARE organized! I appreciate the response. I'll let you all know how it goes!

    1. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas. I too will be seeing a new neurologist in March. It's nerve - wracking to say the least. All the questions in my head - will he want me to try botox again (didn't work), will he send me for CT, MRI, Lumbar puncture? Will he understand chronic migraines ? I'm going in with a positive attitude. I will have my lists of current meds, tried meds, tests and my chronic migraine journal.

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