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New sufferer - Is this normal?

Yesterday I experienced my first migraine. Had auras, then the pain for a few hours, and have been wiped out since. Now the flashing lights/squiggly lines are back and the pain is returning.

My question: is this normal to have episodes over multiple days?

Also, since I've never had migraines before I am trying to understand what brought them on. I am 39. I was in a car accident a week ago - no serious injuries but it was jarring. Is it possible that the accident prompted them?

Thank you for your help.

  1. New sufferer as well and I had a car accident 2 months ago and three eeeks ago my first migraine started (still going). Very possible the accident is the culprit. I sustained no injuries in the accident either

    1. There's many types of migraines, so it could be your norm. To me it sounds like cluster migraines. Meaning they come and go in clusters. But I could be wrong.
      Have you been to the doctor for these? If so, what have they said?

      I've had migraines for 47 years and mine hit me in the early morning while I'm sleeping and mine can last anywhere from one day to a week. This one I have today, started 36 days ago. This has been the longest one so far that I can remember.

      1. I guess it is because of the accident you met last week.

        1. It's interesting... all the talk of car accidents and migraines starting months later... four months before my migraines changed from run of the mill episodic to out of control, every day, chronic, with horrendous light and sound sensitivity, I was in a car accident where I was rear ended and whiplashed. Never hit my head or lost consciousness, but later that day I got the worst migraine of my life, so bad that none of my meds did anything, I was out of control vomiting and we had to go to the ER twice in one night.

          Every doctor I've told about it pooh-pooh's it, saying it was too far from the time I got sick to have any relationship, but I just don't know. It's curious to me that others have a similar experience. I think I was going to have migraine no matter what, but I think the car accident certainly may have shaken up something in my head in a bad way that hasn't been accounted for.

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